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Payment providers

Instant liquidity and flexible settlement for payment providers

Offer customers 200+ crypto and 10+ fiat payment options and help them reduce transaction processing costs.


Extensive network of global liquidity providers for fiat-to-crypto currency pairs, including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, HKD, CAD and AUD

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24/7 flexible & automated settlement for fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto virtually on any chain

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Enjoy tight bid-ask spreads and firm quotes from leading global liquidity providers

Real-time spreads

Process overview

Easy integration to your workflow
Let's collaborate and you'll discover Finery Markets potential to improve your trading process
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Customer — liquidity taker
LP — liquidity provider

4 Steps for Accessing Finest Liquidity



Establish a legal relationship with the platform and LPs: mutual KYC and agreements



Agree on mutual trading limits with an LP and potential prefunding: 0-20%



Access aggregated order book and monitor your positions via GUI or API



Settle with the LP whenever you are ready or rollover your open positions

Product in details

Bring value to customers, whilst we take care of your trading needs

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Step 1

You sign up on Finery Markets


Multi-role account access

Step 2

You select your counterparties and pass through KYC


Limits management

Risk management

Step 3

You fund your account with the compliant liquidity providers


Leverage and financing tools

Firm streaming orders

Pre-trade price transparency

Step 4

You achieve best execution based on competing quotes


Order execution

Margin checks

Risk Management

Position management

Position roll-over tools

Step 5

Automated or manual settlement


Crypto settlement support, network agnostic

Fiat settlement support


Settlement & trade history

Scale your business, leave the hard work of your trading needs to us

Reduce your integration costs and operational risk across multiple access points with our platform

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