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Finery Markets FM Liquidity Match

FM Liquidity Match is your gateway to OTC trading infrastructure

Streamline your client-facing business and simplify trade cycle management with our single access point solution

Maximize your profits and expand your income sources with our mark-up management and roll-over rates. Enjoy counterparty risk management, automated settlement and reporting

Leverage Finery Markets technology without investing in developing your own. Save integration costs and increase automation level: fast implementation through API 

Model overview

FM Liquidity Match trading model operates through a master account created by a broker, prime-broker, OTC-desk or liquidity provider.

The master account then creates multiple sub-accounts to serve their clients.

Each sub-account functions as a separate trading account with its own balance, positions, and trading history.

The sub-accounts operate within specific risk-limits and settle with the master account. The master account manages user access, risk, mark-ups and position roll-overs across all sub-accounts.

Resell liquidity of global liquidity providers

Effectively segregate the "dealer-to-dealer" and "dealer-to-client" markets.

Source liquidity from global liquidity providers and offer it to your customers with spread management tools.

Create proprietary pool of liquidity

Master accounts can match sub-accounts of market makers and liquidity takers internally, allowing for efficient and streamlined trading.

Internalize customer flows

Master accounts enable the internalization of customer flows, which can lead to a decrease in market impact and lower costs and counterparty risks.

White label 

FM Liquidity Match is also available as a white label.

You can build customer loyalty with our white-label solutions that are customizable and branded to meet your specific needs.

Save time and money by leveraging our technology.

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FM Liquidity Match

Finery Markets CEO discusses a new sub-account model for institutional clients

4:25 min
Finery Markets CEO discusses a new sub-account model for institutional clients
FM Liquidity Match

Finery Markets CEO discusses a new sub-account
model for institutional clients


We provide a modern and scalable AWS-based infrastructure with 99.99% uptime — take a close look at

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    Low latency

    A sub-1 millisecond proprietary matching engine, including a pre-trade risk management process, allows for quick and efficient trade execution while minimizing the risk of errors.

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    Technical security controls have been verified through an OWASP ASVS audit and regular penetration tests (PTES, OWASP, OSSTMM)

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    The secure cloud-based AWS infrastructure system enables Finery Markets to handle more than 2 million orders per minute.

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    A test environment with a complete set of API requests and realistic market conditions is available to test your trading system before implementing it live.

Read more about technical solution

By minimizing counterparty risk and improving capital efficiency, we are proud to offer institutional clients the best execution in crypto assets. The partnership with Finery Markets is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.


George Zarya
Founder & CEO of

FM Liquidity Match assist you in every step of the trading cycle


We are more than a trading platform, we support complex workflows happening across the transaction lifecycle.

Transaction step

Our tasks

1 Pre-trade

  • Account access management
  • Setting up limits and risk checks
  • Leverage and financing tools
  • Mark-up management
  • Firm streaming quotes
  • Pre-trade cost analysis

2 Trade

  • Order execution across 200 fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-stable pairs
  • Margin checks
  • Risk Management

3 Post-trade

  • Fiat & crypto settlement instructions, network agnostic
  • Position management
  • Settlement & trade history
  • Reporting

How it works

schame schame
Customer — liquidity taker
LP — liquidity provider

Scale your business, leave the hard work of your trading needs to us

Reduce your integration costs and operational risk across multiple access points with our platform

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