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Bequant partners with Finery Markets to offer crypto OTC prime brokerage through FM Liquidity Match

June 15, 2023

Finery Markets has announced the digital assets prime broker and exchange, Bequant, as its latest partner, with the company using its new FM Liquidity Match service.

FM Liquidity Match, introduced in April 2023, is a service that gives institutional market players and crypto businesses access to OTC institutional crypto liquidity across 150+ crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto pairs via prime brokers such as Bequant.  

The service facilitates the easier navigation of the complex world of crypto trading for large market players, and as Finery Markets’ newest partner, Bequant will now be connecting them with different crypto liquidity providers available through the new service. FM Liquidity Match was built on technology developed in-house at Finery Markets, based on the requirements of brokers, and as such provides a host of tools and services to manage institutional crypto transactions and follow trading activity more effectively.

Bequant will now utilize FM Liquidity Match technology and liquidity, leveraging its client relationships to offer an OTC prime brokerage service, ensuring it is able to expand its product portfolio and add OTC liquidity to its current prime brokerage services. 

The new service was launched due to an expectation in the industry that institutional market players will be moving towards using prime-brokerage services, due to them being less risky, cheaper and more convenient. This new technology will now help those companies that are looking to launch and/or expand their OTC prime brokerage.

George Zarya, founder and CEO of Bequant said 

At Bequant, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Finery Markets, as we take the best of the FX trading infrastructure and apply it to the world of crypto. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Boris Sebosik, the Head of OTC Trading at Wincent added

With our extensive quantitative market-making expertise and Bequant's prime brokerage services, we believe this partnership will provide a seamless and efficient trading experience for end clients.

Michael Rabkin, Global Head of Business Development at DV Chain said

We’re delighted to provide Bequant’s customers the opportunity to leverage DV Chain's world class pricing and execution services. This ensures that their users experience less slippage, mitigated market impact, and a variety of flexible options for trade settlements. Moreover, our post-trade settlement option helps mitigate exchange risk, providing an added layer of protection for end clients that has been much needed in recent years.

Konstantin Shulga, the CEO and co-founder of Finery Markets stated,

Crafted with our clients' needs in focus, FM Liquidity Match is revolutionizing institutional crypto trading. Our non-custodial trading technology solution offers market professionals a risk-managed approach, compliant reporting, and post-trade flexibility, as well as ensures access to global liquidity and optimal execution.

We are absolutely confident that we can help Bequant further boost its digital assets prime brokerage services. Additionally, Bequant can leverage our cutting-edge technology to internalize customer flows, resell global inter-dealer liquidity to their customers, or even create their own ECN.

For more information about FM Liquidity Match visit: 

About Finery Markets 

Finery Markets is a leading OTC multi-dealer non-custodial marketplace for institutional customers and a trading solutions provider for crypto markets. 

Serving clients since 2019 Finery Markets provides solutions throughout the whole trade lifecycle:

  • High performance execution venue with deep institutional liquidity and firm quotes

  • Price intelligence and pre-trade risk management tools 

  • Position management, risk controls, reporting tools and cost analysis, as well as  flexible settlement based on a non-custodial model

  • Single entry-point to aggregated liquidity from global liquidity providers via API and GUI

  • Robust infrastructure: 99.99+% uptime and full automation

Finery Markets platform is also available as a white-label solution for prime-brokers, OTC desks and exchanges that are looking to develop and expand client business. For additional information please visit 

About Bequant 

BEQUANT is where traditional investing meets cryptocurrency - a one-stop solution for professional digital asset investors and institutions. BEQUANT’s breadth of products includes prime brokerage and exchange, all enhanced by market-leading institutional trading platforms providing low-latency trading, liquidity and direct market access for investors across 13+ CeFi exchanges and two brand new DeFi protocols. The BEQUANT team is composed of experts from institutional, retail and digital financial services with experience in banking, derivatives, electronic trading and prime brokerage.

About Wincent

Wincent is a leading crypto market maker with $1.5B+ daily volume and 300K+ daily transactions. Our mission is to enable, empower and advance a truly decentralized world for more transparent, fair and efficient markets and products. For additional information visit 

About DV Chain

DV Chain provides world-class cryptocurrency trading and technology. From easy-to-use, web-based charting and click trading to white glove, specialized algorithmic orders, institutions around the globe depend on DV Chain’s robust, stable tech stack to power and scale their businesses.

DV Chain is an affiliate of DV Trading, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm and also an affiliate of Independent Trading Group, a Canadian broker-dealer. In 2016, the founders of DV Trading launched DV Chain to adapt the technology and trading strategies employed by DV Trading to bring liquidity to cryptocurrency markets. Since then, DV Chain has become one of the world’s global crypto leaders providing reliable, accessible, and technologically advanced cryptocurrency liquidity solutions.

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Finery Markets is now on YouTube 🎬

Finery Markets is now on YouTube 🎬

How institutional players can mitigate their trading risks

How institutional players can mitigate their trading risks

Happy Holidays to all our institutional clients!

Happy Holidays to all our institutional clients!

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